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SSANCAR LTD a leading company specializing in the purchase
and export of cars from South Korea to car buyers around the world.
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Greetings from the CEO
World trade, sales, used car export business services company
Welcome to SSANCAR LTD,
SSANCAR LTD, a leading company specializing in the purchase and export of automobiles from the south
Korea car buyers around the world
SSANCAR LTD, established in 2002, specializes in helping people from all over the world to buy
and export the highly desirable cars found in South Korea.
The SSANCAR LTD website ( provides simple solutions for people to locate,
buy and pay for vehicles, as well as many other logistical problems such as transportation and
shipping to virtually any port in the world. Our website has been designed with the purpose of
introducing the Korean market to potential buyers around the world.
We believe that the ideal place to export used cars should optimize marketing abroad to be
easily accessible for foreign buyers and constantly updated. That's what our website is about.
CEO James Cho