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* About ssancar

What does SSANCAR stand for?

SSANCAR stands for South Korea Smart Exporters Association Network Car.

Is SSANCAR trustworthiness?

SSANCAR is trustworthiness for these reasons:

1. SSANCAR has been working with Korean used car since 2001.

2. SSANCAR is the member of KUCEA (Korean Used for Export Association) and IATA (International Auto         Trade Association).

3. Every year, there are more than seven hundreds customers buying used car with SSANCAR, and                    SSANCAR is trustworthy world widely. 

What are your business hours?

Our business hours is Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

Please click here to see contact information.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by phone or email. During our business hours, you can directly call us, in other time we prefer email.

Please click here to see contact information.

When do you update your site?

We update our website with new stock list and price everyday at ???? am.

How do you get your vehicles?

Our company has many professional buyers. We carefully choose and buy quality vehicles from selected sellers, certified auctions, and wholesale car markets.


  * Order


How do I order used car form SSANCAR?

There are five easy steps to order used cars:

1. Choose your vehicle.

2. Get a free Quotation.

3. Make a payment

4. You will see your vehicle shipped.

For more information please click here to see "how to buy" page.

How do I find a vehicle?

You can find the vehicle very fast and easy using our website. 

You can search your vehicles by type, maker, price, or year.

You can also find your vehicles by countries.

Can I download or print stock list?

Yes, you can download stock list from wedsite and print it out.

Please click here to go download page.

Can I order vehivle that is not on the list?

Yes, there are two ways to order vehivle that is not in the list:

1. If you are member of the website, you can use special request.

2. You can directly contact to our staff.

What if I want to get more detail about the vehicles?

If you want specific information about the vehicles, contact our staff.

Please have your stock number(S/N) ready. 

How can I find out if the vehicle is suitable for my country?

Our staff will let you know if the vehicle you choose is not suitable for your country.

However; Local regulations are constantly changing, it is your responsibilliy to comfirm the import regulation of the final destination country.

What does the price on the stock list include?

Our website show FOB price which include price of the vehicle and relative documentation. 

It does not include shipping, insurance and other costs.

What if I want to know my total price?

You can easily find out your total price on vehicle page. Enter vehicle page and click "check the total price".  When you select the option and final destination, your total price will apear on the right of the page.

In some case, shipping fee does not calcluated automatically. You can always email us to get free final quotation.

Final quotation will take one business day.

How can I get pro-forma invoice?

There are two ways to apply for pro-forma invoice.

1. From the detail page of the vehicle, click "check the total price" and follow the instructions.

2. From fax or email, download and complete the Order Form and email or fax it to us.

   Then we will emaill you a free pro-forma invoice.

Please click here to download Order Form.

How long it will take to get my invoice?

If you ordered online, you will get your invoice within one hour.

If you ordered from email or fax, you will get your invoice in one bussiness day.


  * Mark a payment


What kind of method can I use to make a payment?

You can use via Telegraphic Transfer or PayPal.

Please click here to see "payment page".

What are the terms of payment?

We will start shipping process when we receive your payment in our bank account. 

What currencies do you accept?

The payment should be made in US dollars as indicated in your invoices.

If you want to pay in another currency, please contact us before you make a payment.

Where can I find bank information?

You can view our bank account information in payment page.

Please click here to view bank account information.

Do you accept payment in installment?

We accpet payment in installment, but we need to confirmed final balance within

three weeks from the date of the first payment.

How do I know if you get my payment?

When you make payment, You should keep your proof of payment. Then send us

a confirmation of payment with the pro-forma invoice number by email or fax.

How long does it take to transfer money?

It usually takes 1 to 7 days for the fund to appear in our account. 

We will continously check our account and we will write confirmation

email as soon as possible.

Please do not forget to indicate your invoive number when you make your payment.


  * Shipping & delivery 


Which countries do you export?

We export to every countries that allow importation of Korean used car.

Why do I need my physical address?

Physical address is require for shipment company and courier company.

Any incorrent information invoice can add to delays.

If your countries do not have physical address, please indicate street or building and

the nearest village or town with the P.O Box address.

When can I receive my vehicles?

When we receive your payment we will start brooking and shipping process as soon as possible.

In average, it takes two weeks to book the vessel, and takes approximately between two or 

six weeks to arrive at your destination port.

How can I track my vehicle?

When the shipping company comfirm the booking, our shipping department will email you the estimated time of departue (ETD) and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The average time of waiting time is 2 weeks.

What kinds of document will I receive?

the document you will receive include:

B/L (Bill of Lading)

Commercial Invoice

and other necessary document requires for your country.

When can I receive my shipping document?

We will send shipping document after the vessel leaves Korea via express mail.

It will usually take 10 days.

Can I track my documents?

Yes, when the documents dispatch, you will get your tracking number.

What is "customs clearance process"?

You wil have to perform customs clearance when the vessel arrives at the port.

OR you may hire local agent to perform customs clearance.

What will I have to pay when I get my vehicle?

You will have to pay:

clearing costs

import duties


additional cost request by your country.


  * Vehicles & option


How do you check your vehicle?

We have some check point to grade the vehivles's condition.

We will check engine, oil, water, drive shafts, transmission, exterior panels, windows, paintwork, tires, interior, and other areas.

Then we will fix all the mechanical problems,

and grade the vehicles by the count of scratches, dents, and defect of the vehicles.

Do you fix the mileage of the vehicle?

No, we do not change the mileage for any circumstance.

Do I need to pay for the stereo?

Some vehicles might have stereo that is already install, it might not work in your country.

If you want a guaranteed stereo, you will need to pay for stereo option.

Can I upgrade the stereo?

Yes, if you want your stero upgrade,

we will check the original car audio and install a Band Expander to find FM signal in your country.

However the receiving frequency must be at least 14 MHz or higher.

What is "Maintenance package"?

Maintenance Package for vehicle include:

install a new air filter.

install a new oil filter.

change of new engine oil.

What if I want new tyres for vehicles?

If you choose New tyres installation, we will change the tyres.

However we cannot send the old tyres with the vehicle.

What if I do not select stereo option?

If you do not choose any stereo option, you will get the vehicle with stereo as is.

So, it might not work in your country.

What is the year of vehicle?

The year of vehicle is the year of first registration of the vehicle in Korea.

The year of production of the vehivle is sometime different from the resgistration 

of the vehicle.

How many key do you provide for the vehicle?

You will get at least one key for every vehicle. If there is spare keys,

we will send them with the vehicle.

Do you have English manual for the vehicle?

Most vehicle is Korean domestic modles so we do not have English manual.

However; You can find it online.

  * Membership


What is the benefit of becoming a member?

Membership is not required to view the site, but we storngly recommend you to become a member.

You can:

1. order easy and faster

2. easily track your order

3. make special request

How can I become a member?

there is two ways to become a member:

1. use the log in on the right top conner of the page.

2. we will recommend you to become member on the order page.

How can I get my ID and password?

We will send your ID and password via email after you submit your registration.

What if I forget my ID or password?

You can find your ID or recreate new password using the "userID/ password recovery" page.

What if I do not have email address?

You will not need your email address to view the website.

However; you will need your email address when you order vehicle.

How can I receive newsletter?

There are two ways to receive our newsletter:

1. Enter your email address in the bottom of our homepage.

2. Become our member

How can I unsubscribe newsletter?

If you do not want our newletter anymore click here and enter your email address.