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About KIS

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  Professional Auto Inspection Services 


      Requested by our buyer, those companies belong to SSAN Car           will get their vehicles examine before exportation. KIS (Korean             Inspection Service), a third party organization designed to                   examine the quality of the vehicle under strict and accurate                 standard, will help our customer to select their vehicles with trust         and confidence. 

      We will always do the best to improve reliability and invigorate             used car market.



  Guaranteed Car




  KIS is for higher customer’s satisfaction.

  Once the vehicles pass KIS, they will get KIS Logo to indicate               guaranteed quality. Since we started to export Korean used car 

  long ago, we have several standard that satisfy requirements 

  of the customers and their country.  

  It is differ from Korean domestic used car inspection standard.


  Compare with Japanese used car system, KIS standard is also             completely   different.



  KIS (Korea Inspection System)


      Our used car association, SSAN Car, 

      consider that the inspection standard for domestic vehicles 

      should be different from standard for exporting vehicles. 

      Since the inspection standard is so different, 


      we will do our best to secure the best result.

      Because our inspection standards have high satisfaction from

      our buyer who has been import Korean used car since 20 years           ago, we have trust of thousand of our buyer who has been 

      trading with us.



 [ KIS for customer in foreign country ]

    We understand the difficulty of selecting vehicles just by the photographs.

    And sometimes the condition of the vehicles might not look as good as the photographs.

    Nevertheless, it is not easy decision to visit Korea just for the used car.

    To overcome those difficulties, we designed KIS for higher satisfaction of our customers. 

 * Pros of KIS

    If you request for KIS, you will guarantee the condition of the vehicle that help you to make the best choice. 

    If there is a problem with the vehicle that does not indicate on the certificate, 

    the responsibility is on us and you can claim for it.

* Cons of KIS 

    KIS cost of $100 for each car.

    If the seller request KIS, the seller would have to pay for KIS cost.

    Those cars already have KIS requested by the seller will be mark with KIS logo.

    If the buyer choose a car that does not have KIS, the buyer can pay for KIS cost and request for it.